Man Sentenced To Serve 12 Years in Prison For Fatal DUI Accident In Hanover, Virginia

Tuesday morning Hanover Circuit Judge J. Overton Harris sentenced 32-year-old Donald Johnson of Hanover to serve 12 years in prison.  Johnson pleaded no contest to two felonies, he was charged with aggravated involuntary manslaughter and maiming. His blood-alcohol lever was three times over the legal limit in the state of Virginia.

Around October 2013, Johnson was driving under the influence in Hanover when he lost control of his vehicle near Bell Creek Road and veered across Highway 150, colliding head-on with another car.  The driver of the car was identified as 74-year-old Myrtle Duling who was head home with her daughter after visiting her husband in a rehabilitation center.  She passed away a few days after the accident took place while in operation at a local medical center.  Her 54-year-old daughter was riding in the passenger seat, she also suffered from multiple sclerosis.  As her system weakened and stresses from her injuries, she pass away a few months  later.

Myrtle’s husband is now without his wife of 57 years, Warren Duling struggled in court for words, “She was my best friend for 57 years. We married when she was 17,” Warren stated.  “I wouldn’t wish on anybody.” He said.

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