Is Lane Splitting Safe For Motorcyclists in California?

When you make the decision to drive a motorcycle, you make the decision to learn a new set of driving skills. You must learn new rules of the road, new defensive techniques, and new ways of driving in which to remain safe and secure while on the road. The laws regarding motorcycle safety are different in every state, and California law requires all motorcyclists and their passengers to wear a helmet while on the road. It’s not an option, and it’s worthy of a ticket if you’re caught on a bike without proper headgear. This is for your safety, and it’s something many people understand. Helmets are important, but it’s lane splitting people want to know more about in California. Is it safe, or is it dangerous?

Is it Safe?

Lane splitting is a hot topic in the State of California. It seems dangerous. It’s dangerous enough to pass a vehicle in a different lane what with so many distracted drivers, so many people not paying attention to their blind spot, and so many people driving recklessly. Now you’re wondering if it’s safe to pass someone while you’re still in the same lane? According to many studies performed by major universities, it’s not dangerous.

California Assembly Bill 51 was legalized as of January 1, 2017. The bill states that motorcycles can legally split lanes if they choose, and it’s not considered a dangerous sport at this point. There are maximum speed laws and other considerations, but the state is still working on the details of this new legality by administering exemptions and exceptions to the rule.

Those who have been involved in a motorcycle accident due to lane splitting should always consult an attorney to possible help secure an injury settlement that you rightfully deserve. Visit the following links below for more information on the lane splitting and personal injury attorneys: