Steps To Take After Being Involved in a San Diego Car Accident

The effects of a car accident go beyond property damage. You might suffer personal injury. You’re forced to take time away from work, and you might suffer from mental anguish related to the car accident. Depending on the extent of the personal injuries, you might also suffer the loss of enjoyment for activities in which you regularly participate. Injuries you suffer might also affect your spouse or time with your spouse. These injuries are compensable, and you’re entitled to money to make you whole.

Often, the recovery process is challenging. The process is challenging because the recovery is often from the responsible party’s insurance company. In the unfortunate event that the responsible party is uninsured or underinsured, the recovery will come from your car insurance, (assuming you are adequately insured).

The first step is that you need to open a claim with the responsible driver’s car insurance. Insurance companies hire adjusters and attorneys who are well-versed in the specific laws of California that relate to car accidents and the resultant personal injuries. While the claim process should be open and fair, the insurance company adjusters and attorneys frequently advocate for their company or client. Insurance adjusters and attorneys quickly investigate claims and attempt to settle high exposure claims fast. That means they try to offer you money early on to settle the claim. Frequently, the money that insurance adjusters and attorneys offer you early on is a lower amount than you are owed. Not only are insurance adjusters and attorneys versed in the specific laws, but they are also skilled in quickly evaluating injuries and medical records. As a result, they quickly handle claims to minimize corporate exposure.

A San Diego California personal injury lawyer can advocate for you. You need an attorney to “level the playing field.” You need a personal injury lawyer to ensure that the claim process is fair. A personal injury attorney ensures that you receive a reasonable settlement for your pain and suffering.

Yasmine Djawadian is well-versed in the specific laws that govern your recovery. You should not navigate the claim process alone. Insurance companies get representation from adjusters and lawyers, and you deserve representation as well. Furthermore, only a personal injury attorney can adequately represent you in court if needed. Frequently, insurance companies demonstrate bad faith in fairly analyzing and settling claims. When that happens, a lawsuit becomes necessary.

What Are Compensatory Damages in Orange County Personal Injury Cases?

The majority of Orange County personal injury injuries are called compensatory which means their purpose is to compensate the injured for the hardships they’ve endured as a result of the accident or injury.  The compensatory damages are used to restore the injured from a monetary perspective to a reasonable extent. It is calculating what the consequences of an accident yield to a dollar sign. This is relatively simple when it comes to property damage reimbursement or medical bills, but it can get much more complicated. Placing a monetary value on the hardships suffered and will continually suffer such as physical limitations from lingering accident-related injuries becomes difficult, to say the least. Click here to learn more about how a personal injury in Orange County.

Compensatory damages are further classified into the following categories:

Medical Treatment – A compensatory damage that typically covers medical bills necessary as a result of the accident. Reimbursement for treatment received and compensation for the projected cost of medical care you’ll receive in the future due to the incident.

Income – Compensation for lost wages are classified as income damages, they include lost salary and money you should be earning in the future had the incident not occurred. In technical terms; a damage award characterized as compensation for a victim’s loss of earnings.”

Property loss – Compensation for any vehicle, clothing, or item damage resulted from the accident. The reimbursement compensates based on the fair market value of the property lost or damaged.

Pain and suffering – You can also receive compensation for the pain and extreme discomfort suffered during and after the accident.

Emotional distress – Although typically associated with the most serious cases, emotional distress damages compensate a victim for the psychological influence resulted from the accident such as paranoia, anxiety, and insomnia. Emotional distress is sometimes categorized under pain and suffering damages in certain states to it’s important to know what California declares, visit here to learn more about California law.

Loss of enjoyment – Injuries can result in a loss of enjoyment from daily activities such as hobbies and exercise thus these damages are meant to compensate sufferers.

It’s never recommended to enter a legal court alone, you owe it to yourself to receive professional legal representation in a court where you’re assured there’s someone fighting for your legal rights. Guldjian Law will aggressively fight for your entitled legal compensation, contact Guldjian Law APC today.