Man Pleads Not Guilty After Fatal Accident In San Diego

20-year-old Antony Schoenle lays in bed at UC San Diego Medical Center after he escaped a fiery car crash in the San Diego area that killed two of his passengers.  He is being charged with two counts gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and DUI causing great bodily harm.

According to authorities, Antony was driving a Dodge Stratus with two other female passengers, Guadalupe Amado, and Lizette Gracia, and a dog.  Prosecutor’s stated that he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs consisting of cocaine and marijuana that he had consumed during a twelve-hour period before the accident.

Antony was traveling southbound on Friars Road when he lost control and drove off the road around the Pacific Highway overpass. He then struck a curb that sent the vehicle into the air and down an embankment, where it collided with a pillar and soon caught on fire.

Prosecutor Deputy District Attorney Steven Schott stated that Antony got out of the vehicle by climbing over Garcia “whom he described in an interview later as “dead weight,” then proceed to flee to another vehicle.  Prosecutor Schott also stated that Antony Schoenle wanted to leave the scene.

Antony Schoenle’s preliminary test revealed that he had a blood-alcohol content of .09 percent, two hours after the crash occurred. San Diego Superior Court Judge Fraser set Antony Schoenle’s bail at $2,000,000.