Learning from the DUI Experiences of Others in Seattle

Everyone knows that driving after you’ve had too much to drink is not a good idea. Not only can it cause dangerous, potentially even fatal accidents, but someone driving under the influence or committing the grave criminal offense best known by the acronym DUI, could also be caught by the police and arrested. It happens all the time in Seattle.

Marco Pappa, midfielder for Seattle Sounders arrested for DUI, speeding on July 19, 2015

That was the recent headline, disclosing that the young up-and-coming soccer player had been arrested in the early hours of that Sunday morning for speeding and DUI. As a result, Pappa was suspended from Major League Soccer play until he could be evaluated. The young player reportedly has a clean driving record in Washington State; however, the legal results of his arrest remain pending.

The coach has urged the team to support their suspended teammate. Following a DUI arrest in Seattle, few people are so lucky, given the severity of the charges and the possible outcome for people who don’t have this kind of support system in place. Pappa is lucky by any comparative standards.

Prominent candidate for Seattle City Council pleaded guilty to DUI

Candidate Debora Juarez pleaded guilty to DUI back in 2012, following a car crash that sent her vehicle careening into a guardrail and causing severe damage to the front end of the car. Her blood-alcohol content (BAC) was nearly double the legal limit. She received a sentence of five years of probation and was ordered to pay $595 in fines, but managed to avoid jail time. Nonetheless, her brush with the law may cost Juarez on election day.

In a public statement, Juarez took responsibility for her actions and admitted that she should not have been behind the wheel that night. Many people arrested for DUI in Seattle have that realization later, only after the damage is done. Following her arrest Juarez contacted a lawyer, which undoubtedly helped her get through the process that followed and not spend any time behind bars for the arrest.

If you should ever find yourself under arrest for DUI, remember the lessons taught by these two stories: support is outstanding and a lawyer can help you avoid jail. Our criminal defense law group in Seattle can provide numerous benefits to you through active, competent representation and navigating the system in such a way as to minimize the negative consequences of a DUI arrest.