Discrimination Cases Now Heavily Enforce By New Tennessee Laws

In these last few months alone, new Tennessee state laws have been approved and are soon going into effect to protect its hard working residents.  More than over 6,495,978 people call Tennessee home, most of which have established their lives and make a living working for Tennessee companies.  Unfortunately, some of those people have to endure discrimination at their workplace.  In 2013, more than 2,988 cases were filed for discrimination against their companies.  Tennessee courts have just passed new laws that will make it significantly harder for businesses to discrimination cases filed against them.

The Employee Online Privacy Act was passed by Tennessee which prohibits employers from requesting an employee or applicant to give access to the employee or applicant’s personal social media account.  This is just one of many new laws that are being formed to help everyday Americans feel safe in their workplace.  No one should have to face discrimination or be harassed where they work.  If you or someone you know feel like you’ve been harassed or treated unfairly, contact an attorney as soon as possible.