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Learning from the DUI Experiences of Others in Seattle

Everyone knows that driving after you’ve had too much to drink is not a good idea. Not only can it cause dangerous, potentially even fatal accidents, but someone driving under the influence or committing the grave criminal offense best known by the acronym DUI, could also be caught by the police and arrested. It happens […]

Southern California Traffic Accidents

A couple of recent accidents in Southern California left 10 people dead and 2 injured.  A multi car crash in Chino claimed the lives of 5 people and injured another.  A short time later an auto accident in Irvine killed 3 teenage boys and 2 teenage girls after the car crashed and caught fire on Interstate […]

New Traffic Laws Introduced In California

In the last few months, California lawmakers have been hard at work creating new traffic laws that will hopefully make roads and highways a little safer. A new law will soon be going into affect primarily targeting the safety of commuting cyclist.  The Three Feet for Safety Act basically enforces the distance between a motorist and cyclist […]

Discrimination Cases Now Heavily Enforce By New Tennessee Laws

In these last few months alone, new Tennessee state laws have been approved and are soon going into effect to protect its hard working residents.  More than over 6,495,978 people call Tennessee home, most of which have established their lives and make a living working for Tennessee companies.  Unfortunately, some of those people have to endure […]

Filing For Divorce In Tennessee

Tennessee is currently ranked 14th in the country for highest divorce rate.  If you find yourself filing for divorce in Tennessee, you should know how to properly do so.   Tennessee courts will grant you a divorce on two types of grounds, fault and no-fault divorce. Grounds for filing a no-fault divorce are: Irreconcilable differences, where […]

Tennessee Legal Resources

At some point in most people’s lives they will require help from a legal professional.  Whether you’re starting a business, buying real estate, or want to fight a speeding ticket, having the help of an experience attorney is beneficial. There are many legal resources online that can help you research specific laws, legal definitions, recent […]